senior living executive challenges for 2016

Workforce challenges are a real concern for many senior living providers, with minimum wage increases, an aggressive turnover rate, and rising acuity demands.

According to a study conducted earlier this year by the University of California-San Francisco, at least 2.5 million more workers will be needed by 2030 to provide long-term care to the increasingly older U.S. population. The question every senior living provider faces is how do we attract and retain quality workers?

With more than one–in-three American workers from the Millennial generation, technology plays a key role in this process. Here’s why – Most Millennials are very comfortable with mobile devices, so it makes sense that if a senior living community is using technology, they will be attracted to those communities for a job. To retain quality employees it’s important to create a sense of purpose.

That’s where Servingintel can help. Our mission is to empower your staff to do what they do best – offer personal caring connection to your residents through the use of mobile technology, and have a little more fun and less stress in the process. By using wireless tableside ordering with handhelds and tablets, servers stay at their tables longer and connect more deeply with the residents while reducing stress for the kitchen staff through correctly entered orders.
Download this whitepaper, Senior Living Executive Perspectives: Strategies to Attack Workforce Challenges in 2016, for more information on this topic here:

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