Traditional table service is our core market, and we have developed custom options to best serve your servers with our restaurant point-of-sale system.

table service 3

  • Tablets and Handhelds reduce ordering errors
  • Food gets to the table faster and fresher
  • Increased ticket size with better service
  • Pay and sign at the table for greater processing security
  • Fully-featured and easy to use software with efficiency components like:
  • Multi-Column Modifiers
  • Security systems with text overlay integration
  • Point-to-point encrypted MSRs for the highest level of processing security available



  • Completely Configurable Screens allow your menu to be customized to maximize speed while offering control of all items sold.
  • Multi-Column Modifiers allow servers to see all ways to modify any entree or item on one screen. Order entry is faster and more accurate.
  • Splitting Checks with Future POS is fast, easy, and accurate! You never have to leave your home menu, saving keystrokes and speed.
  • Modifiers are easy to add on after the items have been entered: touch the item, select the modifier, and insert it!
  • Fingerprint Identification eliminates “buddy punching,” authorizes clocking in and out, voids, and other management functions. A Future POS innovation!
  • Moving tables or items to another check, transferring checks, or combining checks are all standard with Future POS.


"I fell in love right from the get-go!"


Watch as Emily Andersen, owner of Chuck's Restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa talks about her experience with us!


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