The "Eatertainment" industry is taking off! Whether your business is a gaming center with food, or a themed restaurant, we have you covered! We have developed custom options to best serve your servers with our point-of-sale system.

Eatertainment 02

  • Tablets and Handhelds reduce ordering errors
  • Food gets to the table faster and fresher
  • Increased ticket size with better service
  • Pay and sign at the table for greater processing security


"I'ts a wonderful system!"


  • Completely Configurable Screens allow your menu to be customized to maximize speed while offering control of all items sold.
  • Multi-Column Modifiers allow servers to see all ways to modify any entree or item on one screen. Makes order entry faster and more accurate.


"My favorite system feature is the accounting and the reporting.. it's saved me a ton of time!"


Listen to find out why ServingIntel, Inc was chosen as the technology solution for Level 257.