You can find our systems in the best Country Clubs throughout the world. POS Partners has everything your establishment needs.

  • Tablets and Handhelds reduce ordering errors
  • Increased ticket size with better service
  • Pay and sign at the table for greater processing security
  • Completely Configurable Screens allow your menu to be customized to maximize speed while offering control of all items sold.
  • 24x7x365 Service Desk


  • Multi-Column Modifiers allow servers to see all ways to modify any entree or item on one screen. Order entry is faster and more accurate.


"We can track things better, I can go back and look at reports. I can see what's selling and what's not. I can see my top end and bottom end sellers. The ServingIntel’ system gives me a lot of flexibility to analyze a lot more information (than in the past)."

~ Cary Country Club Restaurant Manager Debra Grochocinski