ServingIntel is your complete point-of-sale solution.

multi column modifiers


Reduce ordering time by getting all menu options on one screen with our fast, simple, and customizable multi-column modifiers. All item options can be displayed in one modifier options window. You can customize this to suit your location's needs based on customer preferences.

digital signage


Digital Signage is included with your POS system, free of charge, and provides options for more expensive signage systems. Create displays to showcase menus, specials, and more with our easy-to-use Digital Signage Editing tool. Advertise special events, show video clips and live television feeds, or configure a scoreboard to display customer orders as they are entered into the POS system.

remote control


With our Remote Control app, you can access store-level data from anywhere through your smartphone or tablet. Link your device to multiple stores and send messages directly to your staff or point-of-sale system. You can also update item prices and view sales and labor data. Even better, you can do all this from any location that has a wi-fi connection.

tablets and handhelds


Handheld devices allow servers to place customer orders and take payments tableside for faster service. Use tablets during busy times, or seasonally, like when you open your patio or side deck. Increase customer turnover by encouraging tableside orders. These devices integrate seamlessly with traditional touchscreens for a blended solution, allowing you to keep your existing touchscreen on the bar or server station and tablets out on the floor. ServingIntel works with virtually any tablet, smartphone or handheld device on the market.

kitchen display


Go green and lose the paper to reduce cost. Kitchen video with easy-to-read color displays aren’t just for fast food kitchens anymore. They can provide your customers with fast order fulfillment. You can even display an order with preparation instructions. ServingIntel offers tablet kitchen devices in partnership with some of the leading kitchen video display companies.

security system indoor surveillance cameras


ServingIntel monitors your business with built-in, event-driven video and real-time surveillance. Integrate with your existing security system to maintain a DVR recording of customer and employee actions. You can also overlay text from your ServingIntel system, creating on-screen logging of actions performed on the POS system, and on your business premises.



We ID under 80! Why not? Protect yourself and your business with ServingIntel's age verification feature. Age verification is made easy with ServingIntel's Driver License Verification to eliminate the guesswork and ensure your customers are of legal drinking age. Simply swipe the license and the customer’s name, age, date of birth, and address, as well as the expiration date, are displayed.