How can high resolution security system benefit your business?

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Pairing our Talon Digital Video Recording software with top-notch security hardware is crucial to the security of your business. POS Partners' high resolution cameras feature: 

  • Superior night-time viewing — with 36 LEDs surrounding a single lens, detailed pictures can be generated from rooms with absolutely no light.
  • Weather proof and vandal proof — Cast iron dome enclosures with heaters protect the cameras from thieves, vandals, and the outdoor elements.
  • Adjustable focus and field-of-view — Cameras include two adjustment screws for widening or narrowing the picture, providing the perfect level of detail for any location.


Our DVR Hardware includes up to 32 video input channels, 16 audio input channels, and 2 terabytes of storage to retain footage for 4 to 12 weeks. 

  • Remote Monitoring from PDA or Smart Phone
  • Critical Event Notification
  • Integrates with POS Systems (Text Insertion)
  • Search of Integrated POS/ECR Data
  • High-Resolution MPEG4 Video Recording
  • Central Monitoring and Management of Multiple Talon Servers at one location